National LCI Database for Sustainable Development

National LCI Database for Sustainable Development

The National LCI Database for Sustainable Development (Nat. LCI DB for SD) is a national infrastructure that representative industry, production and service sector information including natural gas, oil refinery, petrochemical, agriculture and food, and transportation groups, etc. The expansion of the national infrastructure, both quantity and quality issues, are still the main responsibility of TIIS to encourage sustainability in Thailand.


The activities of the National LCI Database for Sustainable Development are as follows:

The Background of the National LCI Database Development and Compilation

Nowadays, environmental issues are of concern to all countries and bring about regulations for goods to be imported or traded in the country and internationally. Including that some consumers want products that are environmentally friendly. Causing manufacturers to try to improve the production process to obtain an environmental label.

Status of National LCI Database

Technology and Informatics Institute for Sustainability (TIIS) has created a Thai National Life Cycle Inventory Database which is the infrastructure of the country. It is a database of resource utilization and emission into the environment for the production of a particular product or activity.

Application of National LCI Database

National LCI Database is to be applied to support sustainable development in all dimensions. Especially the environmental dimensions that are widely used in the carbon footprint assessment. In the future, it will be able to apply even more applications in the dimensions of environmental and economic assessment.

Global LCA Data Access Network (GLAD)

The Global LCA Data Access network (GLAD) gathers life-cycle dataset providers and other stakeholders who share the goal of improving sustainability-related decisions through enhanced, interoperable and global access to LCA datasets.