4. Lao PDR

Participating agencies (representatives)

Ministry of Energy and Mine
(Mr. Somsanith Chanthanasinh, Deputy Head division)

Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment
(Mr. Nakhalin Vorasarn, Deputy Director)

Situation/operation details of the country of Lao PDR
Energy Development in Lao PDR
Presented by: Keomany Vhansaly
Project Development Division, Department of Energy Business, Ministry and Mine. 

Current Status of Power Sector Development

·       Power Generation Sources Development

National Power Development Strategy

      ·      Power Generation Planning

Roles of Renewable Energy

The Government considers the promotion and development of renewable energy as a priority in order to stabilize power supply and to support the national socio economic development:

       ·       Encourage the domestic and foreign business sectors to invest in the development of renewable energy for domestic consumption and export;

      ·       Promote power generation from renewable energy as a self-sufficient particularly in agriculture, industry and others sector to ensure sufficient power, especially in the dry season, on the basis of regulatory obligations in accordance with the law and being able to exchange power with the utility under the terms of the PPA;

      ·       The government encourages local and foreign businesses to invest in the development of hydrogen power to generate electricity for domestic use, using in the transport sector and export as appropriate;
·       RE Target Achievement:

Current Status of Renewable Energy Development